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A notable resource of volunteer support, a registered social worker, and a devoted humanitarian, all rallying for the cause of unity.


About Praveen

Praveen, with a Masters Degree in Social Work, holds the title of a Registered Social Worker in Canada since 2012.

As the founder and CEO of Ontario Heroes Health and Social Services, he leads a committed team over  250 professionals from 30 disciplines. Together, they provide essential Health, Legal and Social Work Services, including system navigation, service coordination, referrals and linkages, all on a pro-bono basis. 

His professional journey also finds him as a Social Worker at William Ostler Health System.

Beyond his professional roles, Praveen emerges as a true champion of Community Engagement. Alongside, he spearheads a range of Empowerment initiatives, further underscoring his dedication.

Key Accolades

Praveen has been in the forefront of Social Service and resource mobilization, beyond accolades!

Remarkable Citizen Award

For exceptional service to the community Remarkable Citizen Award was awarded by Hon. MPP Deepak, Mississauga Malton, in 2020.

Honorary Member

Praveen is the proud recipient of McMaster University Golden Key International Society, Hamilton.


Praveen was awarded Covid Hero by the City of Mississauga for helping the community during the Covid-19 Pandemic, in 2021.

Founder & CEO

Founder of Ontario Heroes Health and Social Services in 2020, currently offering Health, Legal and Social Services of more than 250+ volunteers.


Are you looking for support?

Ontario Heroes Volunteer Platform is the result Praveen’s keen planning and proactive social Wok mindset. If you are in search of support for your legal, social and health services issues, you can address it here. All services are carried out by Ontario Heroes volunteers in their online platform, free of cost.

Keep in touch through my social channels for periodic update of volunteer opportunities or mentoring.

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